Overview of First Response

First Response comprises a theoretical (web based) learning component and a practical (skills based) training program.

The theoretical component:

The theoretical component of the program is a self paced learning program which is entirely web based. It consists of two online learning modules which must be completed prior to attending a First Response practical training program. These modules are:

  • Module 1: Key concepts and guidelines
  • Module 4: Post resuscitation care

The learning modules are supported by a number of powerpoint presentations for you to view on screen or to download.

Having completed the web based learning, you are required to demonstrate your understanding of the theoretical component of the program by successfully completing the First Response online quiz. This is a compulsory prerequisite prior to attending the practical program. Your program coordinator will advise you how and when to complete your quiz.

You will also find a number of other helpful links including access to recommended newborn resuscitation research publications, frequently asked questions and responses, a list of recommended equipment and drugs for newborn resuscitation and links to other relevant web sites in the learning resources section of the web site,

These are all provided as additional resources for you and are not prerequisite reading prior to attending a First Response practical training program nor prior to undertaking your First Response online competency.

The practical component:

  • Module 2: First Response (Practical training program)

Program outlineFirst Response Program Outline

Format: 3 hour, face-to-face multidisciplinary training and skills practice.

Where: Once you have a position confirmed in a First Response practical training program, your local NeoResus course Coordinator will advise you of the venue and your start time.

Course Pre-requisites:
Prior to attending a practical training program you will need to review the course pre-requisites. Please click on the link below to view and print a copy of the First Response Course pre-requisites.

View the First Response Program Prerequisites
Or download the  First Response Program Prerequisites checklist


Newborn resuscitation competency assessment:

Following successful completion of a First Response training program, your newborn resuscitation competency assessment will take place at local level, in your birth environment, with the equipment that you use in your day-to-day clinical practice.

Your local neonatal CPR assessor will be responsible for undertaking competency assessments, but it is your responsibility to book a time for your assessment with that person on an annual basis.