Eligibility criteria and pre-requisites to attend a NeoResus Facilitator Workshop

It is a program pre-requisite that you have attended a NeoResus First Response and/or NeoResus Advanced Resuscitation program.  Ideal candidates are those who currently provide resuscitation training in their workplace and their hospital has a NeoResus license.

You must also demonstrate that you will have opportunities to co-facilitate at NeoResus programs in the 6-12 months following the Facilitator workshop.

If you meet all the eligibility criteria, click here to register an expression of interest to attend a NeoResus Facilitator workshop. Please provide your name, current position, place of employment and a brief statement outlining why you are interested in attending this workshop.


Preparing for a Facilitator workshop

To get the most out of the Facilitator workshop you must be thoroughly familiar with the NeoResus web site, particularly the learning modules. You should anticipate needing approximately four to six hours dedicated to pre-reading. As we ask the First Response and Advanced Resusciation program attendees to review the same material, it is important that you are very familiar with the content of the learning modules on the web site.

All NeoResus Facilitators working in a hospital that has purchased a NeoResus Lisence are given access to the Facilitators Resources section of the NeoResus web site.